How durable is gel polish? How long does it last?

Nowadays gel polish is one of the most popular techniques. The gel polish is more durable than traditional nail polish, and more natural, thinner than artificial nails. However, one of the most important questions about gel polish is how long does it last?

How durable is gel polish?

The success of the gel polish is probably due to the rapid completion of the gel polish and the combination of the simplicity of traditional nail polish with the durability of artificial nails.

If you pay attention and take care of your hands, your gel polish can last nicely for up to 3-4 weeks. Nevertheless, the durability of your gel polish depends on the type of your job, your lifestyle, what sports you do and how fast your nails grow. 

If in addition to durability, the growth of your nails is also an important factor for you, your gel polish can last for up to 2,5-4 weeks.

How does gel polish stay durable?

The durability of gel polish is build up from many factors: 

The use of quality products and professional preparation is essential. Of course you can prepare your gel polish at home as well. However, with a professional nail technician you can achieve a better adhesion and covering thus a more durable result.

If you want to entrust the preparation of your gel polish to an artificial nail specialist, book an appointment at my salon in Budapest! Your gel polish surely will be durable 🙂

It is important to protect your nails to the best of your ability. 

The gel polish may be damaged, if it is hit or jammed. If the polish comes up at the edge of your nails, there is a good chance that it will pop off from your nails. 


It is important that you not cut and/or file your gel polish at home

As I explained earlier, with cutting or filing you can damage the closed layers, thereby the gel polish may peel off. 


It is important to protect your nails from detergents and solvents 

Gel polish can be soluble with acetone, thus other solvents ingredients can have an impact on it too. If you have to clean with gel polish on your nails, you should wear gloves to protect your nails.

I hope I could help you make your gel polish beautiful, durable and long lasting! 🙂

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