Why does gel polish crack?

Gel polish is an aesthetic nail care technique, which is liked and used by millions of women every day. However, one of the biggest problems of gel polish is the appearance of  hairline cracks on the gel polish. Do you want to know: why does gel polish crack? You’ll find out by reading this article. 

Why does gel polish crack?

There can be several reasons for the cracking of the gel polish. In order to prevent cracks, we must first know the causes of cracking.


The most common reason is the poor quality of the gel polish. If the gel polish is old, expired, has poor quality and stored in a sunny place, it will lose its quality. In this case, even if the polish sets during preparation, it can crack and peel off quickly.


Another cause can be when the gel polish is not properly prepared, due to which its durability is shortened and hairline cracks appear on the surface of the polish. If the layers are applied too thick, then the polish cannot set properly. This can cause the cracking of the polish next to the bubbling.


Reasons also include the lack of proper preparation carried out by the artificial nail technician. It means the skipping of removing the dead skin, pushing back the cuticle or the degreasing of the nails. If these steps are missed out, the gel polish will not adhere to the nail plate which causes the cracking and the peeling off.

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Gel polish hairline cracks

The cracking of the gel polish can also have external causes. High temperatures and humidity can damage the gel polish, causing hairline cracks to form on the surface. Therefore, we should avoid saunas and regular hand washing in hot water whenever possible.

Cold weather can also damage the coating of the gel polish either. In cold weather, the gel polish can break and crack. So it is strongly recommended to wear gloves in winter if you want to prevent hairline cracks.

In addition, there may be hormonal causes of cracking of the gel polish. In the case of pregnant women it can occur that the nail grows much faster or the body rejects the substance due to hormonal changes, causing the gel polish to crack and peel off. 

Nevertheless, gel polish is not recommended when taking antibiotics, for people with hormonal disorders, prolonged gastrointestinal diseases, or heart disease.

Why does the gel polish crack?

If you work with different materials or use your hands a lot during your work, be careful! The gel polish may crack from minor bumps or some materials. Therefore, it is advisable to wear protective or rubber gloves.  

During housework, women’s nails are often exposed to different materials. Chemicals used for cleaning can damage the gel polish and this is why it is important to wear rubber gloves.  

It is also recommended to wear protective gloves during gardening, small household installations and packing if we want to protect the integrity of our nails.

Now you know: why does the gel polish crack. If you pay attention to these, your gel polish will not crack.

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