Artificial nails at home step by step

Building and making artificial nails requires experience and patience, which is why many people think that it is not feasible at home. However, with the right materials and tools, as well as thorough and precise work, it can be made at home as well. In this post, I list all the tools needed and explain the preparation process to make your artificial nails at home step by step.

What to buy to prepare artificial nails at home?

To make artificial nails at home, you need different types of ingredients and tools. The better the quality of these, the more precise and easier it is to work with them.

To clean and prepare your nails, you will need the following:

Disinfectant fluid
Skin-scratching stick
Nail prep preparation fluid
180 file
Dusting brush
Cuticle scissors

Materials and tools for the building of the artificial nails:

Template for building
Template cutting scissors
Acrylic or gel brush
UV/LED lamp, if you use gel
Non-fibrous wipes
A harder and a lighter file

For gel artificial nails:

Base gel to strengthen the artificial nail, with which you can increase its durability

Building gel (can be colored or colourless)

Cover gel that seals the artificial nail and forms a protective layer on its surface

Colored gel or gel polish

For acrylic artificial nails:

Building acrylic powder


Colored acrylic powder

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Artificial nails at home step by step

Preparation process

Whether it’s artificial nail building or gel polish, the first and one of the most important steps is to prepare your nails. This lays the foundation for the durability of artificial nails, affects the adhesion of materials to the nail plate and prevents damage to natural nails.

01 – Cleaning
If you have had a gel/polish on your nails before, remove it. As a next step, clean your nails thoroughly from any kind of contamination with the disinfectant fluid.

02 – Pushing back the cuticle
Prepare the cuticle by pushing back the skin with the cuticle. If it’s not necessary, do not cut the pushed back skin off!

03 – Filing
Gently file your nails with a soft nail file, just enough to give it a fluffy, matte finish, then dust your nails with the dusting brush.

04 – Degreasing
Apply the Nail Prep fluid to your nails in thin layers, which will degrease and disinfect the nail surface, helping the proper adhesion of the artificial nails. Be sure to dust off with a brush, as grease can get on your nails from your fingers, which prevents the artificial nails from adhesion!

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If you are building a gel artificial nail, the first construction step is to apply the template. Then apply the so-called base layer of a colorless building gel in a very thin layer, from which you form its shape and length, and then set it under a UV/Led lamp for 1-2 minutes. If this is done, carefully remove the template and file the base layer to shape perfectly. This is very important so that you do not use unnecessarily more material than you need, or that you do not have to file too much at the end when the next layer is applied. Then, from a colored or colorless building gel, (depending on what we want), which is already a thicker layer, we form the “C” arc. Then we use a non-fibrous wipe and fixative to fix the surface of the nail.

If you want acrylic artificial nails carefully dip the brush into the liquid, then take a not too large but not too soft scoop (depending on the size of the nail plate) and  of the building porcelain powder on a brush and apply it to the nail and the template needed for construction. Spread the material on the surface of the nail with smooth and flattening movements and shape it using the template. Meanwhile, a dry paper towel should be prepared on your table in which you can continuously wipe your brush while shaping. As your material will solidify as you continuously remove the liquid from your material on your nails with your brush and soak it on the paper towel. This should be repeated until the desired shape and length is achieved.

artificial nails at home step by step tutorial, Budapest, district 1., salon, Elite Nails, Tarjanyi Csaba


After setting and drying, file the nails into shape, paying special attention to the formation of the “C” curve and align the edges. Finally polish the surface with a buffer.


In the case of gel artificial nails, after applying the shape, apply the selected color in thin layers. Make sure that you set the material under a UV lamp after each applied layer and that the applied layer is not too thick, as it may cause aeration or cracking. When using acrylic decoration or stickers, it is recommended to apply a cover light.


The last layer of color, after decoration, is the use of a light gel for sealing, which seals the artificial nail. If the light gel is not fixative, wipe the surface with a fixative fluid, a non-fibrous  wipe, to properly fix the artificial nail.

Skin and nail bed care

Finally, use skin care oil around the nail bed and massage it into the skin, which nourishes and protects the skin.

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