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I’m Csaba Tarjányi,

since 2015 I am in love with the world of nails. As early as my childhood, it turned out that I was good at craftsmanship, I loved drawing and painting, so I had always imagined a creative work which I could find in this profession. At the beginning of my career I was only working on nail building, but about a year later I started to work with gel lacks too. To this day I like to do both equally 🙂

I passed the exam in 2015, but I continued to do a lot of decorative and technical training to keep improving my knowledge. In 2016, I participated in the Hírös Nail Cup, which was my first race and 

I was awarded 1st place in the gel building category.

My first and foremost goal is for my guests to be satisfied with my work both aesthetically and durably.

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What services are available in my salon?

In my salon I focus on hand and nail care, I believe that the need for a healthy, aesthetic hand is naturally linked to well-being and self-confidence.


I’m offering my manicure service if you want a well-groomed look. Regular treatment provides a beautiful nail shape, a healthy cuticle, and last but not least, maximum comfort.

Gel polish

My gel lacquering service is ideal for you if you do not want longer nails than yours, but still want a durable and demanding solution.

Nail building

Choose my nail service if your nails are not strong enough or you want a longer one. If your hands are always on center of attention, this is the perfect long-term solution for you.

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