Can you use nail lacquer on gel nails?

 The traditional, air-drying nail polish is not as long-lasting and durable as a gel polish used for gel nails or polishes used for artificial nails. But can gel polish nails be lacquered? Yes, it can be, but we might hurt our already finished nails if we’re not using the adequate methods. 

Can gel polish nails be lacquered?

The question is: Can gel polish nails be lacquered? Nail polish can be applied to an already finished gel polish. However, it is important to know what and how to use, if we’re applying an air-drying nail polish. 

In the process of building artificial nails, adhesion problems can easily occur. The gel and nails polish are made of different materials and are therefore not always compatible with each other. Because of this, the gel may drop off the nail polish. If we want a durable solution, we should fix the applied nail polish with an UV-drying light gel top coat. So that the traditional nail polish does not come off easily from the surface of the artificial nails or use an UV-drying light nail polish. 

Moreover, we also need to know that for the removal of the nail polish we should use a nail polish remover. It’s important that it is specifically made for artificial nails. This way we do not damage the surface of the artificial nails and the polish can be easily removed from the surface.

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Can nail polish be applied on a gel polish base?

It is not recommended to use an air-drying nail polish as a top coat for gel polish. The nail polish will not adhere to the sticky surface of the gel polish. Traditional nail polish can be used to seal a decoration or to matte the gel polish, but only after fixing the top layer of gel polish.

It is probably that we are not going to get that aesthetic result we wanted, if we are applying nail polish to an already finished gel polish. The nail polish won’t cover the entire surface and after a few days the gel polish will drop the nail polish. So I do not recommend this method as a nail specialist.

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