Why does my gel nail polish wrinkle?
The artificial nail technician answers 

During the preparation of gel polish we can face several problems. One of the most common of these is that gel polish will wrinkle during lighting, which unfortunately makes you have to start working on your nails again. If you’ve had a similar problem, stick with me. In this post I’ll answer questions about wrinkling of gel polish.

Why does gel polish wrinkle?

In order to prevent wrinkling, we need to know the root causes. The most common cause is usually a layer of coat applied too thickly, which does not set during lighting. Wrinkles and bubbles form on the surface of the varnish, because due to the thick layers only the top layer binds, the underlying ones remain airy. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the gel polish in several but thinner layers. And keep it under the lamp for more if it’s necessary. 

On the other hand, sometimes the problem is not the thickness. If the polish still wrinkles then there is a problem with the quality of the UV/LED lamp or the gel polish. In this case, it is worth trying other products as well and experiencing which variety is right for you.

When does gel polish wrinkle?

In the case of gel polish, it’s very important to prepare the nails. If this step is not done or is not thorough enough, the polish is more likely to wrinkle. In such case, it is necessary to clean the nails from grease, oils or other surface contaminants, or to apply a base gel especially for some colors. Base gel helps prevent wrinkling and contributes to the duration of the gel polish. 

It is also important that your hands and nails are dehydrated before applying the gel polish. So that there are no problems with adhesion and drying, therefore it is not recommended to apply oil or moisturizer beforehand. If you still have your hands applied before the preparation of the gel polish, you may want to remove the cream from your nails with an acetone cleanser.

In addition, the gel polish may wrinkle if the new color coat has been applied to a previous layer which has not dried.

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Gel polish wrinkling

If gel polish wrinkles, it means that it has not dried totally. The wrinkles usually form on the top layer. If you touch the top layer, you can feel that the varnish is sticky. It means it has not set properly. 

For a quick fix, many people prefer to apply another coat or top coat that removes wrinkles, but don’t do that! If one of the layers has not set and the polish is wrinkled, it is better to start the nail again. If you just continue to apply the layers, the polish will crack off very easily or it will come off.

Gel polish skins

Skinning is similar to wrinkling. To prevent it, the polish should be applied in thin and several layers, especially in the case of darker colors. Although, the quality of the polish is also very important. 

Gel polish can also skin if it has been stored in the wrong place. Such as in the sun, as UV rays can dry out the polish, causing its quality to deteriorate. In this case, the already deteriorated polish can skin easier under the UV lamp.

Gel polish shrinks

If after the application, the gel polish shrinks on the nails, it is probably very old and has begun to dry out. To avoid shrinkage, it is important to store the gel polishes in a cool, dark place. So you can prevent it from the possibility of drying out. This is why it is important to consult a nail specialist who works with quality ingredients.

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