Why does gel nail polish peel off? 8 tips for long-lasting nails

Gel polish has enjoyed unbroken popularity for the last 10 years, which is no coincidence. It is just as easy to apply and wear as a traditional nail polish, all combined with durability similar to artificial nails.

However, it often happens that gel polish peels off quickly, which can be avoided with a few simple tricks. In what follows, I have summarized what you can do to keep your gel polish as long as possible. At the end of the post I answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the premature loss of gel polish.

Why does gel nail polish peel off?

Gel polish is basically a polish applied to your natural nails, so with the proper application and the right wear it should last perfectly  for weeks.


Take the time to prepare your gel polish! 

The preparation of the gel polish is combined by a lot of steps, but it is important to follow these steps for the prevention of the peeling.


Use preparatory fluid!

Linked to the previous point, the essence of the gel polish is that the strong, durable varnish is essentially attached to the natural nails. For this reason, it is very important that before the application of the base gel, the nails are degreased for the long-lasting result!


Use a thin layer of the polish! 

If you apply the polish too thick, it can flow down to the skin, which leads to the loss of its adhesion and the gel polish may peel off. In addition, in the case of thick layers, the polish may wrinkle under the lamp. Rather use 2 coats for the safe and long-lasting result!

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Do not touch anything during the drying of the polish! 

If you accidentally touched the lamp while putting your hand under it, check immediately if the polish is damaged! If so, the defect can be corrected relatively easily before drying.


Do not file or cut your nails if you have gel polish on! 

With this you can damage the closed coats and the polish loses its adhesion and may peel off your nails easily.


Use nail care oil! 

Organic based nail care oils have no effect on the gel polish, however they groom your nails and prevent their dehydration.


Do not poke, scratch, protect from physical exertion!  

It is essential to protect your nails to the best of your ability. The gel polish may be damaged, if it is hit or jammed. If the polish comes up at the edge of your nails, there is a good chance that it will pop off from your nails.


Choose a professional nail technician! 

Of course, you can also prepare your gel polish at home, although if you want a long-lasting and high quality solution, the best is to ask for the help of a professional nail technician. In this case as well, it is true that the cheapest solution is not necessarily the best. Choose a professional who works with the best quality, reliable materials and has reliable references.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does gel polish peel off? Why does it come off? 

In most cases, the reason for the peeling of the gel polish is the absence of correct preparation of the nails. Basically there are 3 main problems, which can result in the peeling of gel polish: 

  1. The nails are not matted the right way. 
  2. The nails are not dusted enough after the filing/matting process. 
  3. The use of the wrong preparatory fluid / not in the right order / the fluid does not reach every nail the same 

What to do if the gel polish has aerated? 

The aeration of the gel polish is also a consequence of the inadequate preparation already explained in the previous point. If you experience this, you may want to visit your nail technician, who will professionally remove the gel polish from your nails, as various contaminants can stick to the minimum gaps.

Why does gel polish wrinkle? 

There are usually two reasons for gel polish to wrinkle: either the gel polish layer was applied too thick or it was exposed to UV or LED light for too long. In this case, unfortunately, you have to re-paint your nails.

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