What is the difference between artificial nails and gel polish?

Today, it is not unreachable to have well-groomed, beautiful and sophisticated nails, as manicure and other different polished, reinforced nail techniques are now part of our daily lives. However, it is frequently asked that from the many options what will be the one ideal for us, for which it is important to know which option exactly covers what. But, what is the difference between gel polish and artificial nails? 

The first step of nail care is the perfect manicure. This process contains the examination of the back of the hand to know what steps are needed: removal of the dead skin, the groom of the nails and skin. 

If you basically do not wish to have long-lasting polishing, but you want your hands to be well-groomed and healthy, I recommend the preparation of a manicure for you. Get to know my service in Budapest!

Artificial nails or gel polish?

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, then artificial nails and gel polish can help you. I have collected their similarities, their amenities and their disadvantages.  

Gel polish

Gel polish is basically a hard, durable gel, which is applied to your natural nails. So this means that there is no plus material attached to your nails, only a jelly, gel texture polish, which is solidified with the help of an UV/LED lamp.


Why is gel polish a good decision?


there is no plus material that needs to be glued or build, hereby it is a time- and cost-efficient solution


there is a long-lasting, strong layer on your nails, which protects them from breaking


the material is applied to your own nails, so it has an absolute natural effect

Photo: Gel polish

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Artificial nails

Artificial nails are usually acrylic or built up of gel. The glued, plastic version was also popular in the past, but it quite damages the nails, so I do not recommend this option at all. 

The first step regarding artificial nails is to build the base, then we shape it and paint it as desired. With artificial nails, we can achieve almost any kind of nail length, but it is important to know that very long nails can cling to something easily, which can result in pain. Because of the building process, the preparation of artificial nails takes a little more time for the artificial nail technician than the preparation of gel polish.

Why artificial nails are a good decision?


you can have any kind of nail length – if you can’t grow your nails, this is a great solution for you


it can help nail growth, because the layers protects them from external impacts


it is a very durable, long-lasting solution, which stays nice for up to 4-5 weeks

Photo: Artificial nails

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