How to dissolve nail glue?

If you want to remove your artificial nails at home or the glue has gotten to your skin or clothes during the preparation process, it is important to know: What dissolves artificial nail glue, and how you can properly and safely remove the unwanted excess.  

What dissolves artificial nail glue?

The easiest way to dissolve artificial nail glue is with a tip and glue dissolving liquid. Such liquids are usually found in cosmetic, artificial nail shops or drugstores. The process of dissolving consists of soaking a cotton ball with the tip remover liquid and then wiping the surface from where you want to remove the glue a few times. Tip artificial nails can be removed this way as well. Now you know what dissolves artificial nail glue, but its best to entrust this step to a specialist.

How can artificial nail glue be dissolved?

If the glue gets on your fingers or clothes during the preparation process, do not be scared if it doesn’t come off with scratching. In this case, acetone or alcohol is the perfect artificial nail glue remover if you don’t have tip or glue dissolving liquid by hand. If you want to remove the glue from your fingers you can wipe it off with a tissue soaked in alcohol or acetone. 

In the case of clothing, it is more difficult to remove the glue. The acetone or alcohol cannot be used for every kind of fabric. First, it is advisable to remove the upper layers with scrapping. Then wipe the stain with an acetone-soaked cloth or cotton wool as described above. Next soak the cloth in warm water with a stain remover used for prewash. Finally wash the material at high temperature.

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After the removal of artificial nails

After removing the artificial nails, some of the artificial nail glue used for fixing may remain on the nails. In this case as well, the use of glue dissolving liquid is the most efficient method. Then it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly and apply a strengthening nail polish to strengthen and protect your natural nails. 

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