The secret of long-lasting gel polish

Gel polish is one of the most popular types of nail decoration nowadays. On the one hand it is more durable than the traditional nail polish. On the other hand, the gel polish is applied to the surface of our own, natural nails, which makes it more natural than artificial nails. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of gel polish for a long time, it is important to know the secret of long-lasting gel polish. 

The secret of long-lasting gel polish

During the process of gel polish nails, the preparation of the nails is a very important step. It consists of cleaning and degreasing the nails, pushing back the cuticle, removing the dead skin, filing, fluffing and dusting of the nails. 

If the preparation process is left out, then the gel polish will not adhere properly to the surface of the nails. In this case it can easily crack and peel off. The professional nail technician knows the secret of long-lasting gel polish. Do you want to know? Read more below…

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The use of a primer of a preparation liquid is also an important step before applying the first layer of the gel polish. Be sure that after applying the primer do not touch anything, because the nail plate can grease which hinders the adhesion.


Do it as a professional artificial nail technician: the removal of the previous gel polish or artificial nails also counts as a factor. Be careful not to over-file your nails when removing artificial nails or gel polish! This can thin and damage them, which affects the durability of the gel polish.

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Do not apply thick layers at once and wait for the layers to dry properly! Often, gel polish is not durable because the layers are applied in a thick, single layer so the material does not set properly under the light which results in detachment, aeration and bubbling. Apply the polish in thin layers, do not forget to close the edges! It’s important to keep your hand under the light for around 2 minutes per layer!


The gel polish is basically a gel so even after setting, the surface of the polish is not completely dry or even. Therefore, after setting the last layer, the surface of the nail should be wiped with a gel-fixing liquid, which results in a smooth and even surface.

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In terms of durability the storage space of the gel polish is also a significant factor. Gel polish can also set if exposed to UV rays of the sun. So it should be kept in a cooler and shadier place to preserve the quality.

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Rules for wearing gel polish

Not only the preparation processes are important to preserve the durability of the gel polish, but also the habits of the wearer.

If your nails are weak and thin, you may want to ask for gel reinforcement, which will keep the gel polish more durable. 

If you are wearing gel polish, it is important that you wear rubber or gardening gloves during any home work, cleaning, gardening to avoid damaging the gel polish or breaking your nails. Chemicals used for cleaning can damage the gel polish, which can shorten its durability. And when gardening, there is a high chance that the gel polish will be damaged or detached due to scratching and digging.

My advices

If you use your hands a lot during your work, a shorter and rounded shape that is less vulnerable is recommended.

The gel polish should not be stretched, even if it has been slightly growing too long. This may damage the nail plate or damage the gel polish.

To the best of your ability, avoid using items that require scratching or stretching. For example opening canned drinks.

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