How to Do Acrylic Nails step by step?

The two types of built artificial nails, gel and acrylic artificial nails are common today. Acrylic is one of the oldest materials used to build artificial nails as it is extremely durable and gives an aesthetic look to its wearer. If you are interested in how it is made, read my post in which I present and explain the steps of building acrylic artificial nails. 

The steps of building acrylic artificial nails

In order to make quality and beautifully built porcelain artificial nails, precise work and practice are essential. 

The construction of an acrylic artificial nail requires two different components: porcelain powder and liquid. For the proper mixing of these two components practice and professionalism is needed. The best result can be achieved by a nail technician in this case as well.


But what are the steps of building acrylic artificial nails? Carefully dip the brush into the liquid, then take a not too large but not too soft scoop of the building porcelain powder on a brush. Apply it to the nail and the template needed for construction. Spread the material on the surface of the nail with smooth and flattening movements and shape it using the template.

This should be repeated until the desired shape is achieved. However, it is important to keep in mind that the brush has to be cleaned each time before dipping into the liquid. To clean, gently pull the brush a few times on a paper towel.

Keep in mind that the acrylic dries in the air, so we have to work quickly and that it does not get on the skin from the material, as this will get air under the artificial nail and may blister.


Once tha acrylic has set the edges and the surface of the artificial nail are shaped and smoothed with a file. After this, polish the surface of the artificial nail which will make it shiny and smooth. 

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The preparation of acrylic artificial nails

In all cases, the preparation processes are a significant and essential part of the construction of the acrylic artificial nail. The preparation process establishes the durability of the artificial nail. It prevents the possible damage and contamination of the natural nails. 

01 – The first step is the cleaning and disinfection of the nails for the removal of contaminants from the nails. Then the shortening and shaping of the natural nails, and the removal of the dead skin.

02 – After this, push back the cuticle with a cuticle pusher. Be sure to not cut off the pushed back skin, because this way you can damage the nail bed!

03 – The next step is to fluff the nails with a very fine 180 file, which helps in the adhesion of the materials.

The steps of building acrylic artificial nails, Elite Nails, salon, Budapest District 1., Tarjanyi Csaba

Decoration of acrylic nails

If we have properly prepared the nails and are ready with the base layer of the acrylic artificial nail, the decoration of the artificial nail can follow.

Acrylic artificial nails can consist of one or more layers, so that colored or glittering porcelain powder can be used already during construction.

If acrylic powder was used at the beginning of construction, apply the material to the nail by dipping the liquides brush into the colored porcelain powder and spread it evenly on the surface of the nail, as we did with the base layer. After setting, the artificial nail can be decorated with various acrylic or opal paints with thin-fiber brushes after filing it into shape and smooth. 

If the decorative paints do not dry in the air, apply a UV-drying top coat to the surface of the artificial nail. Then wait for the top coat to set under the lamp. Finally fix the nail surface and apply skin protection oil around the nail bed.

The steps of building acrylic artificial nails, Elite Nails, salon, Budapest District 1., Tarjanyi Csaba

Now you can see what are thes steps of building acrylic artificial nails.

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