How to remove gel nail polish at home? Do it this way.

Gel polish is a very popular and sophisticated form of nail decoration. It grows with the length of our natural nails, thereby after 2-3 weeks it is worth doing a new one. If you take it off at home for yourself, you should know what it is worth paying attention to when removing your gel polish

Removing gel polish at home

The removal of gel polish at home requires a lot of attention. If you don’t want your nails to get damaged, so you have to be very careful. But the best is to entrust the whole process to a professional nail technician

The first and most important thing is that the already worn-out gel polish should not be stretched or scratched. This can easily cause damage to your nails, which can cause them to become thin or cracked. 

To remove gel polish at home, all you need is a file, a tip remover or an acetone nail polish remover, 10 cotton swabs and aluminium foil.

Wondering how I work on gel polish nails?

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Removal of gel polish


First, file the surface of gel polish just enough to make the light gel disappear from it. This is important because light gels are usually made of an insoluble material and this way the acetone remover or tip remover will be able to get into the deeper layers of the gel polish and soften it.


The next step is to soak the cotton swabs in the cleanser and then place them on the surface of the nail so that it covers the whole nail. Then wrap the cotton swabs in the aluminium foil and leave them on for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the gel polish softens and becomes easy to remove. Once the time is up, the remaining gel polish can be easily scraped off with a cuticle pusher or orange stick.

It is better to perform the technique on each finger one by one, as it is easiest to peel off the polish from the nail after dissolving. If you start scraping it only after the tenth nail, the remaining polish, which is more difficult to remove, is more likely to harden.

How does the gel polish come off?

Gel polish can be dissolved with products with a high acetone content. There is also gel polish or acrylic dissolver, but an acetone nail polish remover will also soften the gel polish if it is on the nail long enough. 

The other method for removing gel polish is filing when the gel polish is filed without softening. However this method is more complicated, as it does matter what type of file and technique we have. It is faster than dissolving, although if we do not have the adequate filing experience, we can easily damage our nails. Our nails can crack, break or thin as a consequence, so I do not recommend this method.

Removing gel polish can be possible not just at home, but at nail salon. If you want to entrust the preparation and removal of your gel polish to an artificial nail technician, book an appointment online! I look forward to seeing you at my salon in Budapest!