Manicure frequently asked questions

For a modern woman, the care of her hands is almost essential. That is why I would like to help, by answering the most frequently asked questions about manicure.

What is a manicure?

The classic manicure is a nail care method that involves treating the hand and nails. The treatment is performed by an artificial nail artist. During the treatment the nails are disinfected and then soaked. This is followed by filling the shape and length to the liking of the guest, grooming the skin around the nail, removing the dead skin, pressing up the cuticle, massaging the hand. Finally, polish the nails, apply skin care creams and apply nail care. Manicure can even include hand scrubs or hand wraps.


What is the difference between a manicure and a pedicure?

The fundamental difference between a manicure and a pedicure is the position of the body, as a manicure is the treatment of the hands and nails, while a pedicure is the treatment of the feet and toenails.


What is a French manicure?

You can read about exactly what a French manicure is in an earlier post here:

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How is a French manicure made?

The process of a French manicure can be carried out in two ways after the preparation processes and the application of the base coat. One, is when we first apply the pink or beige base and then apply the white coat. The other is when we start with the white coat, following the natural smile line of the nail and then applying the pink or nude color. You can get the best results with an official nail technician!

What is a Japanese manicure? How to make a beautiful bright Japanese manicure? 

During a Japanese manicure beeswax is applied to the nail, which  strengthens the nail plate and restores the natural color and shine of the nail. Besides, at the end of the manicure, the nails are polished with a special powder, which makes them shiny.  As a result of these materials, the nails become permanently shiny. 

What actually happens during a Japanese manicure? 

In the course of a Japanese manicure we only use natural ingredients. The most important ingredient is the beeswax, which we work into the cleaned nails. Beeswax strengthens the nail plates and restores their natural color and shine. Finally, we polish the nails with a special powder, thanks to which the nails become permanently shiny. 

Why is it not recommended to apply nail polish after a Japanese manicure?  

During a Japanese manicure, we work beeswax into the nail, which integrates completely. Beeswax has several benefits that strengthen and polish natural nails. After a Japanese manicure, it is not recommended to apply nail polish because the polish can dissolve the beeswax from the nails.

manicure frequently asked questions budapest, japan manicure, french manicure

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Why is a machine manicure good?

During a machine manicure, also known as Russian manicure, a grinding machine removes the dead skin from the nail plate and the nail bed is pushed back. Thanks to this process, the adhering skin can be removed perfectly, so the polishes can be applied much more precisely all the way to the skin fold. The advantage of this is that the applied nail polish grows more slowly. 

How do I use manicure machines?

In the case of a Russian or dry manicure we use a grinding machine for the removal of the dead skin and to push back the nail bed and cuticle. The grinding machine comes with different grinding heads, depending on the function. The first grinding head is used to separate the cuticle, and the second, a mini roller is used for fine filling of the nail plate. 

The conical grinding head can be used for a control cleaning of the already worked nail.  

With the larger, spherical grinding head thickened skin and calluses can be removed. 

For the deep cleaning of the nail plate, use the mini spherical grinding head. 

Finally, polish the surface of the nail with the larger, spherical grinding head. 

What is the difference between a pedicure and a foot manicure?

A pedicure is a treatment of the entire foot, which may include a special pedicure, the removal of calluses, and the treatment of the soles of the feet. A foot manicure is just soaking, massaging and treating toenails.

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Now I hope you find the answer between the frequently asked manicure questions. Do you want a professional and quality manicure?  Check out my manicure service and book an appointment at the nail salon in Budapest today!